Friday, July 16, 2010

Hello everyone! i'm back :D
yes, after a 12343234 zillion years? :)
i seriously dont know if anyone is reading
but i'll just blog alright?
remember to tag to let me know there are people there :)

Alright, let me talk about my life these days.

I've moved to a condo which has only 18 units .
the people here are weird . :x
there are like two flight of stairs in my house
Which has only two steps each . -.-
I must admit that i liked those steps when i viewed the house
but now, its irritating me .
the house is very long, no one except my mum enters the maid area . LOL

My best friend Psroasis is still with me. :)
and it sucks .
the worst of all are the bone infection that comes with it.

school is challenging as usual,
the tests and projects are killing me mentally
that i am tired till the extent of being so tired but not able to sleep.
i cant wait for july to end so that this nightmare will end . :)

Last night, i finally managed to watch tv after half a month?
besides world cup .

I'm fine, sister's fine, mummy's fine, cyrus's fine, daddy too. :)
Jojo's naughty, tonkatsu's extremely lazy, chubby's still growing . :)

It's not stuck, it's sleeping there .
i don't know how does it does it either . LOL

Yes koknam, i know you dont look nice
but the focus is me! :)

Okay i'm back with my bangs again! :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

While doing my work, i pulled out an old cd that i listened when i was pri 2? A1-here we come. Then i realised i've become so old so soon. lol.

On friday morning, it was raining. It was a beautiful morning. :) i walked to school slowly with my umbrella under the rain, listening to my favorite song. I was lucky that this time i didnt see any thing that spoils that beautiful scene. Lol.:)

There was once i felt it was a beautiful morning too. But once i walked to the main road, i saw someone digging his nose on the bus . *faints*.

Have you met this special person which you don't wanna miss anything about him or her? Live every moment spent with him or her as if it's the last moment of your life?It might be someone that you like, your friend or just this someone you've been at the venue at a certain time everyday just to meet him or her. Tell that person, as you will never know what will happen next, dont do anything that you will regret. because after you tell that person, no matter how he or her react, you will still heave a sigh of relief . :)

I'm still trying to squeeze out time to write my own story but meanwhile, i have to go now to write my food chemistry food report. :). see you guys soon :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

"You're an awesome friend"
thank you ezra for telling me so,
it came just when i needed it

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

days are getting really busy,
i wil be back at blogging really soon. :)
sorry guys :)

Friday, January 01, 2010

we are always so near yet so far.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

its out to all reading my blog . :)

Days have been really great,
Happiness have been flooding into my life . :)
for the moment at least, before school starts again . lol

Tried a few new recipes during the holidays;
carbonara, i made the sauce from zero . :)
rosti, etc etc
that made me really glad as all turned out well . :)

went out with the usuals yesterday
went to vivo and had marche,
ate like some man . LOL
had christmas potluck and camwhore . :)
many photos are not uploaded in fb due to some weird issues . LOL

I keep saying happy birthday when i want to wish people merry christmas. lol
major brain jam . :)

SHABUSHABU at home later on for dinner :)
lots to prepare as mummy isnt in singapore,
she's having a sweet christmas in hk with daddy,
i wanna go hk too :(

i rotated it ten times but its still uploaded like it, oh well . LOL

Friday, December 04, 2009

Hello . :)
i found a hamster at my staircase on wed! :)
it's really a sweet and cutie pie . :)
it was around a shoe box on my staircase outside my unit,
this shows how irresponsible people can get!

my family decided to adopt the hamster,
havent thought of his name yet.
wanted to name it tonkatsu but what if he grows up to be like a pig?
just like i named my terripin chubby and its really fat now . lol

such a beautiful encounter :)
mummy allowed to keep it . :)
bought a cage for it.
Apparently jojo wants him for herself . lol

Anyway i bought a new phone, Samsung Omnia pro 7330 . :)
though my viewty has yet to spoil but i don't want to spoil it,
so it shall rest in my cupboard until something bad happens to my new phone . :)

Term test next week,
Gears up! . :)
this time i will be more prepared than last term test . :)

I'm not squeezing it! . lol
so alex and aaron dont make fun of me using that .lol

it's my sister's boyfriend, cyru's hand, not mine . :)
and he didnt squeeze the hamster alright. Lol

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Sat was night safari with the co people . :)
it was a bundle of joy though many stupid stuff happened . lol

took psy test today and it shocked me for awhile . LOL
now i'm thinking it if was right to take the psy cluster of diploma plus. lol

i've been into fabric patchwork recently .:)
i believe i'll master it like cooking soon . :):), i hope . LOL

oh well, term test is next week and i've found ways to relax myself :)
SHOPPING :) its the perfect therapy. LOL
my co juniors have been really sweet to ask me to not get too stressed,
saying that they're read my blog . :)
i know you guys are secretly stalking me!

gonna watch tv now . :)
take care guys :)

huiling mama, and spastic vick papa. Vick's just plain weird =p
Kok nam, yiliang and zengmei . :) Apparently fs got cut off . LOL

we took the whole middle ssection of the tram . :)

co girls . :)

Spot me! . lol

Friday, November 27, 2009

So let me count how many projects i have to do tomorrow.
Intro to psy, Basic food and nutrition, Food chemistry, Commu skills
total of 4 projects in 1 day.
Gosh, i think i'll have so much trouble trying to study after that.
I'm trying to squeeze everything into tomorrow
as night safari with juniors planned around a month ago is approaching? lol

Half a semester is going to end just like that,
it's like what? . lol
Soon i'll be out of poly and on my plane to australia for uni :):)
just the thought of it makes me feel excited. lol
yeah, it might really sound dumb to you guys
but its like a dream come alive if i really get into University of Sydney . lol

Went to the gym today and relaxed at sauna . :)
due to the continuous building up stress,
i wanted to grab a cup of coffee and a nice book
and head towards the beach alone, but it started raining . =x.
So had my cup of coffee and nice book at home?
on my couch facing the window, looking at the rain without anyone . :)
at that point of time, i managed to be stress free and i really love it :)
I just love it when i can feel the touch of nature blowing onto my face

Stop and hear what has nature got to tell you,
even in silence, messages are being sent. :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Had an insane Bmic test yesterday and there's Food Chemistry test tomorrow. Argh. Many many projects to do and they are getting on my nerves. lol.I've been a good girl studying cause the thought of getting kicked out from diploma plus scares me. =(

Shunny is going back to china a few hours later and will disappear into the thin air for the whole month so managed to squeeze two hours out of my busy life to catch her before she go . :). missed her a lot and will continue missing her. lol. She presented me my belated birthday present and it was pretty. :) . i just love handmade stuff as presents, i love the thoughts. :). She waxed the pasta, painted them and pasted it on a photo frame. :):)

I though i had a chance of going back to hk in december but apparently, there isnt much time for me to do so as projects flooded my schedule. =(

lester's going taiwan soon, yanting's going japan soon, elinor might be going bangkok. everyone's going on an holiday and i've to wait till next year then i can get back to hk. Iwanna go Greece! . sighs. lol . okay got to study. :)

ANYWAY cyrus created a facebook account for jojo :).
mummy's gonna get one soon,i shall make one for daddy soon too . :)
then everyone in the family has facebook :) omg :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Had CCN day yesterday,
had fun with helium. :)
i sucked the whole balloon but my voice doesn't changes at all -.-
WHY! . argh . lol
took photo with a beautiful husky too . :)
i'm gonna keep a husky when i grow old,
it has been my wish since a year plus ago? :)
Realised i've slacked enough,
not wanting to be kick out diploma plus,
I'm gonna study after this . :)
first time on a sat i'm studying, usually do it on sunday . :)
the workload is so heavy that i cant finish them just on sun
like the first sem . =x
life's gonna be crazy but i love it . :)
i didnt go gym this week . =(
only had time to do some stretchings at all,
that's the biggest prob with poly,
we're left with do whatever we want like working adults.
I WANT PE! roars. lol

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Was talking about hamsters yesterday during lec,
told elinor and joey that i used to have 2 hamsters
named george and elizabeth.
and they laughed at me for ten mins . -.-
whats wrong with naming hamsters with those names? . Lol

feel like keeping a hamster again,
but mummy doesnt allow . =(
she say she don't wanna cry over animals anymore, pouts.

Took the first quiz of this sem, a BNF quiz
and i didnt see the last page, didnt answer two questions.
five marks just gone like that! roars.

accompanied joey and elinor to get their blood donated
cause their blood vessels was too small. LOL

i feel like cooking, =/
but i'm just so tired to do anything after school,
school squeezes our brain dry like some juice blender. humph

Anyway! my new interest is to make dim sum!
wahaha, i'm gonna make everyone around me my guinea pigs. =D

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

found this really nice yatch club!
i'm gonna hold my 21st birthday on a yatch . :)

felt like a small kid today so brought this kipling bag to school. :)
my mummy bought it when i was in kindergarden? .LOL
yes i know, its sooo old. lol
but seems new still as you know colours of kiplings products. lol

Had a good day at school,
though Food chemistry and Commu skills was really boring . =x

guess what, my sister and cyrus are hooked onto cafe world! .lol
it's like you've three computers at home,
all playing cafe world at the same time. lol

cindy and her singnature mushroom heart jacket . :)

elinor tan . :)

joey with her signature monopoly smile . :)

Sunday, November 01, 2009

i'm still waiting for the pictures,
taken on shun's birthday surprise . =x
yanting is too busy to send me,
will upload once i get them :)

school has been really busy
but have been having fun along the way .:)
i thought i got myselg out of the mess of biology
but apparantly, i've basic micro this sem
and i just did the second prelab which killed me .
this sem is just so competitive. =x

gonna go night safari with the co juniors soon. :)
there's so many things to look forward to everyday . :)
It's a wonderful world . :)

i really miss my long hair,
it isnt growing much still! . =(

Saturday, October 17, 2009

lasagna. :)

creme brulee :)
On thurs went out with yant,
saw panbin and suting on the streets,
started to talk with the guys while blocking everyone . lol

Today was an interesting day . :)
mummy wants to organise some stuff for her club or smth,
so went to check out the farms around in singapore. lol
went to three organic vegetable farm;
first one was horrible,
second one was adorable . :)
touched fresh oregano and the smell was beautiful .:)
the cafe there serves good and healthy food . :P
no comments about the last one . LOL

went to frog farm . -.-
totally freaked myself out with all those croaking,
and there're like more than a thousand of them?
they just cant stop croaking . -shivers

went to this fish farm which prawn fishing is available .:)
there really huge fush that is around 1.5 m or smth?
went for the fish foot spa!
it felt like your feet is a choked toilet bowl,
the fishes are like the pump; keep sucking and sucking . lol
but it was quite fun afterall . :)

came home, changed and went to Vanessa's 21st birthday chalet :)
havent seen her for years but talk occasionally.
she's my primary school senior .:)
it's such so amazing and beautiful,
its like this silent concern there always . :)

I was hoping that its a holiday on mon so i smsed landy to confirm.
why! omg i just don't like this .

Gonna bake tomorrow for monday .:)
there better be school on monday if not my muffins will die . :(

Vanessa . :)
Happy 21st birthday . :)

jojo . :)

That's my mum's foot. LOL
look at the cutie fishes . :)

random . lol

mummy didnt allow me to go pass the metal door
as it's super ulu, so had to take the picture from afar,
it's a beautiful antique car, how wasted . =x

more exploring in the wild tomorrow . :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

to aaron; I CAN COOK ALRIGHT! . lol
made lasagna yesterday,
had fun with lots of mozzarella cheese :)
mummy and sister say it was not bad . :)

creme brulee didnt set again! argh.
cause i did it when gay shit was present.
damn it, it just seems like some curse or smth . lol
but the sugar layer on top that i burnt with kitchen torch
made my brulee look like a good one :) .lol
nevermind, shall try again and GIVE ONE TO AARON . humph

anyway liying, i decided to bake some oreo cupcakes
for the first day of sch when everyone's sad . lol
support me alright, not like aaron . humph . lol

went out with the r6 girls today :)
bought this popcorn that's green tea flavoured from ion,
special and nice :)
the shop seems amazing,
they've flavours like tandoori chicken and curry? . LOL
cindy, they've got tandoori chicken popcorn! . lol
had fun, bought a plain top to go with my prom necklace . :)

i went to cut my hair yesterday,
intended to keep long but the person say must cut then leave long nicer,
and i look like some demure and stupid korean woman now . lol
hope i'll learn how to style it properly before school starts . lol
if not i'll really look so nerd. =x

pictures of the lasagna and creme brulee up another time!
meanwhile, i'm stuck with nutrtion analysis AGAIN ,
celery . =x

Saturday, October 10, 2009

creme brulee is right in the fridge :)
waiting to be solidified =D
pictures will be up later :)

Friday, October 02, 2009

went for light therapy in the morning,
gym after that :)

met up with usuals at minds cafe,
played and caught up . :)

CIP on sunday at 6.45 am,
i seriously doubt how am i gonna wake up in time . lol
gonna help old people at bedok reservoir or something? . lol

jojo has been really picky,
she doesnt eat anything except salmon with dry food,
mummy says jojo has menopause . =/
i really hope she doesnt has it, she looks like a baby still . =/

Bakerzin Mooncakes are good . :)
wanted to make my own mooncakes this year,
but i dont have the mould . :(

i remember making my own tangyuan last year,
being spastic, i didn't know that it'll enlarged upon cooking
so the end products of my tangyuan are like;
a size of two fishballs . lol
mummy and sister ate one each?.lol

gonna make creme brulee again!
bought a kitchen torch recently . :)
i kept using it for all the food i cook . lol
guess the creme brulee would be a success this time,
without gay shit destroying everything like destroying troy . lol

yuting had this pretty fake specs so we went to play with it . lol
joey :)
yu ting:)
cindy :)
spastic woman . :)
jojolicious . :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

mummy bought bakerzin mooncake! :) yummy!
credits :foto decadent
uploaded by: ecstasy lover

it's a sweet happy birthday to jojo :)
she's nine, a big girl now . :)

Saw this prada bag on sales and it was only $678,
hesitated and some unknown lady took it!
and there was only one of them :(

went to isetan private sales the other day,
got a laura ashley top . :)
it used to be $180 and i got it for --- .
cant tell . :)
i love it! :)

i'm enjoying my days at home doing nothing?
except for facial, listening to classical music?:)
i messed up my whole cupboard
as i was trying to revive some clothes that i bought but have yet to wear them.
found a new way to wear my prom dress :)
and i have no idea of what to do with my maxi dress . =x

i really wanna head down to zara and grab some stuff really soon :)
cause of F1 i didnt wanna go out to town .

went to the gym yesterday,
wanted to swim too but decided not
had enough of weird light rays during light therapy :)

Looking at my vivienne westwood purse that i spent 180 bucks on,
it's really worth it :)
it's now look at the purses outside,
you might have to spend at least $50 for a purse?
it's like the branded seldom increase their prices,
but the non branded stuff keeps increasing their prices.
is this sort of some inflation or something?

Yutingzxzx birthday is coming,
we have a surprise for you sweetie ! :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

yanting just told me her results,
feeling happy for her, she did really well :)
but cant blog it cause she doesnt allow :(

went to swim with yanting yesterday . :)
had lunch, talked, thats all . LOl

today went gym with zengmei,
lunch at bali thai :)
went to watch the ugly truth . lol
about the movie,
they make all guys sound like perverts that goes after sex . lol
i beg to differ . :)

finally finished my DRP nutrition analysis and stuff :)
got freaked out when doing
that i didnt dare to eat out for two days ? =x

did light therapy for my skin prob :)
i've to wear this goggles, which after i wear it,
everything becomes super dark . ><><)
and get into this pentagon shape machine,
step on the start button
and there it shines on my body . =x
i was really freaked out when i did it for the first time?
as you guys know i'm like scared of practically everything?
especially i've night blindness =x
but today's treatment was better :)
thing's will always get better if we are willing to face it . :)

13 days left to promos :)
all the best my sweeties :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

seriously, i can't believe how noob i've become . lol
as you guys know, i don't log into msn unless necessary
just now i finally downloaded the newest msn
(that was out long ago .LOL)
and i didn't get why the background for each conversation is different.
so i went to ask zengmei about it . LOL
i'm like a 17 year old girl, not in my thirties.
and i dont really know how to use msn anymore . LOL
i really love smiling these days
no idea why too. :)
but no worries, i'm not insane or some sort :)
Cheeros to happiness and SPASTICITY! :):):)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Totally spastic; i love it
Back from class chalet . :)
it was great fun .:)
blog more about it another time,
Yes, I photoshop joey into the photo . lol

Monday, September 14, 2009

it's predestined says:
lol u study hard i buy u fries
it's predestined says:
but must share with sim okay

YOU SAY ONE AH. FRIES. WEEEEE. okay i will tell sim ism

it's predestined says:
carl's junior fries =)

it's predestined says:
rmb to tell her k =p

Juliet says:
hahaha yeaaaaaaaah i will rmb! okay i must score weeeeeeeeeeeell man! . gna mug hard.

Juliet says:
heheheh got so many incentives for scoring well

it's predestined says:
then how will u reward me? +)

Juliet says:
hmmmmmmmm. surpriseeeeeeeeeeee. give you when i meet you k !
it's predestined says:
LOL, u say one ah,hook fingers

Juliet says:
hoookkkkk hoooookkkk. must stamp thumb print.

it's predestined says:

i don't know why, i just get happy easily these days .:)
i count that as a blessing . :)
maybe it's because i keep telling myself
"You might die any second, Chuiying, don't do anything you'll regret"
sounds sad but makes me look at things differently .:)

Class chalet tomorrow,gonna return with some pictures. :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

i got my results yesterday!

Organic Chem; A
Inorganic Chem; A
Commu skills; Z(disticntion)
Human Anatomy; B+
Sci in food prep; B
Maths Stats; A

Dr Mabel says i'm 3rd in the corhort . :)
i'm really happy about it
cause this is the first time in my 17 year old life
that i scored this kind of position! . :)
cindy is in the top ten of the cohort too!
so she'll be joining diploma plus with me! :)

went to celebrate with gay shit yesterday;
had ice cream buffet at ion swensens . :)

went to the gym just now,
feeling good right now . :)

i'm getting so hooked onto rollar coaster kingdom,
that i'm not doing the nutritional analysis for DRP . =x

mummy's back with lots of food and stuff from hk! . :)
and makes me wanna go back to hk . =x
got this pic from yant on wed?
it's the photo taken last year when we sent shun off to china,
and we hanged out the whole night outside . :)
it's so pretty . :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009


intended to go swimming with yant
and have dinner with girls at 5
but yant called to inform me that everyone pangseh-ed
and it's left with the both of us,
so we took a really long time to meet, as usual . lol
went to swim, played with water like some kids. lol

went BBQ chicken,
shopped after that, we bought the same top! . :)
it is a really good buy . :)
chilled at tea dot and went home after that .:)

i'm going for ice cream buffet tomorrow!; sweet totally . :)

we bought this . :)

Monday, September 07, 2009

spent my weekends working at isetan
as a temp job for only 2 days for the sales . :x
spent long hours standing(like 24 hrs in 2 days),
my butt was numb when i sat down and stood up . lol
but the money was not bad ( more than 6 bucks pr hr ) . :)

on friday was AGM,
reached early so met up with my fav bimbo; yanting
sat down and talked about how much the both of us camhored .
like what yant says; you name the place, we have it . lol
talked about the sweet and beautiful past too.:)
just miss my girls . :)
felt feverish upon reaching nas,
so went home after collecting money for the mentoring

have been so tried and busy,
that i havent been going to the gym this week . =(
i wanna swim really soon,

my Drp is developing recipes for diabetics
which i stay in the food lab to cook whole day
and calculate the nutritional values if the recipes are confirmed .:)
even a tbsp of salt must be weighed .><

my holiday time will be dedicated exercising,
while waiting for my dearest jc girls and gay shit finish promos. :)

shunzi, yant . :)

two songs with different rythms
but playing by love at the same time
isn't it beautiful?